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Positively Children and Young Adults


Positivity Unlimited is committed to inspiring children through educational products and programs that broaden horizons and heighten their creativity.Currently, we offer the “It’s a Kid’s World” series of posters that are designed to appeal to children 2-6 years of age. By using other children ages 6-10 as the primary focus of the images, these posters engage the minds of young children and allow them to “See and Be” the image shown.
For young adults Positivity Unlimited has developed a unique seminar based program called Success Saturdays. This 3 hour highly interactive program has been developed to help young adults (junior and senior high school students and undergraduate level college students) learn principles that will help them succeed in school and in their lives. The discussion centers around higher education, broadening horizons and establishing realistic pathways of success. For more information on this program please contactderic@positivityunlimited.com.


As other products and programs are developed they will be added in this section.